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The people of Emanuel understand the Christian faith as "evangelical", which is to say inclusive. All people are welcome to participate fully in the life of the community. This welcome derives from the Christian message and the Lutheran spirit that views God's grace extended to all people. A church which invokes God's name should reflect this grace in its life and teachings.

As a testimony to this, Emanuel has long been a Reconciling in Christ church, which means that Emanuel has intentionally and publicly extended its welcome to Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgendered persons. Emanuel was the first church to do so in the New Jersey Synod and ever since has been a forceful voice for the full inclusion of persons of all sexual orientations in the life of the church.

In 2009, the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA) voted in its national Assembly to ordain clergy who are living in committed same-sex relationships and also to endorse the practice of solemnizing same-sex unions.

The spirit of inclusion is apparent in all aspects of the life of the congregation and is reflected in this large banner which is dramatically displayed on the front of the Emanuel Christian Education Building.