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In keeping with our strong Lutheran musical heritage, we incorporate a rich tradition of music into our liturgical services at Emanuel each Sunday. Our music is uplifting and engaging and is intended to inspire all who worship towards a deeper understanding of our faith. Everyone who attends our worship services services is warmly invited to be an active participant in our worship experience.

Language of Worship

At Emanuel every effort is made to lift the language of worship above the limitations of referring to God in exclusively male terms. This effort is made in order to honor the infinite greatness of God and is intended as an act of praise to the One in whom we live and move and have our being.

We use a wide variety of liturgies throughout the church year, including traditional Lutheran worship services. Liturgies and hymns from other faith traditions and denominations are also used in an effort to praise the one God who transcends all boundaries.






Evangelical Lutheran Worship 2006 (ELW) Hymnal Supplement 1991 (HS)
New Century Hymnal 1995 (NCH) Lutheran Book of Worship 1978 (LBW)

Holy Communion, Setting One (Revised), LBW

Liturgy for the Season of Lent

Based on music from the Taizé ecumenical
Christian monastic order located in the
Burgundy region of France.

Holy Communion, Setting Two (Revised), LBW

Liturgy of Hymns

Based on the tradition of Martin Luther’s

“German Mass” in which parts of the liturgy

for Holy Communion are replaced with hymns

Holy Communion, Setting Six (Revised), ELW

Liturgy of Hope

Gospel Setting

Holy Communion, Setting Eight (Revised), ELW

(also includes two original musical settings by

Emanuel’s Director of Music Wayne H. Dietterick:  
- Hymn of Praise “Glory to God in the Highest”

- Sanctus “Holy, Holy, Holy”)

Liturgy of Hope II

Gospel/Spiritual Setting

Holy Communion, Now the Feast, HS Liturgy in the Paths of Wisdom

Advent Liturgy

Based on “New Plainsong,” a mass
for unison voices and organ by David Hurd

Liturgies from the Other Side of the World