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Music is an integral part of our worship at Emanuel each Sunday. The liturgy, hymns and anthems inspire deeper meaning of the Word and hopefully, in our faith.

The choir at Emanuel provides enthusiastic leadership of music in worship, particularly in the singing of hymns and liturgy. While the singing of anthems does require several weeks of rehearsal, singing hymns each Sunday is a communal effort, just as gathering at the altar.

The choir at Emanuel provides enthusiastic leadership in worship, both in the singing of hymns and liturgy and through anthems and other special musical offerings. We are a varied group of singers in musical and life backgrounds who enjoy coming together to make our communal joyful noise to the glory of God!


On Thursday nights the choir practices in a setting that supports both hard work and laughter. We learn how to grow as individual singers, how to read music, how to work together as an ensemble, and through all this delve ever deeper into the sacred music and texts we sing. That is the essence of sacred music: that the Word may be sung and heard. In turn, our faith as a community may be transformed. If it is indeed true that they who sing, pray twice, then we count ourselves doubly blessed to do so in the company of one another.


We welcome singers of all levels of experience to the choir! If you are interested, please contact music director Stefanie Watson by sending an email to Emanuel at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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