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The Endowment Committee

Initially, in May 2001, this committee was established by a congregational amendment to our church constitution, to handle the investment of a bequest from the estate of a member.  Other monies have since been added to this amount.  The committee is composed of a chairperson and 8 members and reports to the Church Council on a quarterly basis. A report is also presented to the congregation at its Annual Meeting.

Endowment Sources

Any “Undesignated gift” given to the church in excess of $5000 is handled by the Endowment Fund.  Contributions to the Endowment Fund  can come from many sources, for example:
Outright gifts in honor of a special celebration
Gifts in honor of another person
Gifts in memory of a loved one

These monies will be invested according to the recommendations of a “Registered Financial Adviser”.  Utmost effort will be put into investing these monies in a “socially responsible” manner.

Endowment Requests

The Endowment Committee is made up of 9 people.  A portion of the interest earned/profits is available for funding new initiatives in ministry.  Requests must be made for use in local ministry projects.  The principal amount remains intact.  Application forms must be completed for the use of endowment monies and are available from the pastor or a member of the Endowment Committee. Requests are then reviewed by the committee, and interviews may be conducted with results reported to the church council.  Upon Church Council approval, applicants will be notified and a check written by our church treasurer to fund the approved ministry projects.

Planned Giving

We urge all of our members to remember the church and its Endowment Fund in their will.  We practice good stewardship of our own resources when we use them to minister to those in our surrounding community.  We are the instrument of God’s love when we help others.

Application Form

This is a link to the application form and general application process, in PDF format.