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The Emanuel Christian Education is a collaborative effort between the Pastor, Sunday School Administrators, Youth Group Leaders, Sunday School Teachers and Assistants, and the Minister of Music.

Business is conducted in the monthly meetings of the Christian Education Committee which is co-chaired by several individuals.

Sunday School Teachers participate in the Committee which is open to anybody interested in Christian Education.

Emanuel's Christian Education reaches people from their first days of life through adulthood. 

Children under three years receive a regular mailing with age appropriate material for both children and their parents.
Preschoolers and school age children enjoy various activities of Sunday school while adults meet for their own class.

The year of 2017-2018 has been redesigned to suit the timings of the parish members. Children are eligible for Sunday school two years prior to Kindergarten. Sunday school is mainly divided in to three age groups:
  • Nursery-(Pre-K)
  • Multi-age (kindergarten to Fourth grade)
  • Middle School (Fifth-eighth grades)

The high school students assist the teachers on Sundays. Also, they have their Bible study in youth group meetings. More information about that on the youth page.

Sunday School is held from 10:15 am to 11:15 am on Sunday mornings before and during the first part of Worship for the months of September through May.  The curriculum used in our Sunday School Program is based on Bible stories and has been formulated by Emanuel's teachers. 

The children also enjoy some group activities. 

Each group has its own class room in Emanuel's Education Building across the street from the Church.