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The work of Emanuel is administered by several committees and overseen by the Church Council.  All members of Emanuel are invited to participate in committees in areas of their interest and expertise.  The following is a brief description of Emanuel’s committees:

The Christian Education Committee charts the course of education in the parish, selecting curriculum and coordinating the Sunday School faculty.  Emanuel has a Sunday School program for all ages along with a year long Confirmation Class for students preparing for membership.

The Endowment Committee administers the endowment of the church, the interest from which is used for new ministries and initiatives in the community.

The Finance Committee accounts for all of the financial transactions of the congregation other than the endowment.

The Hospitality Committee plans social gatherings for members of the congregation, providing monthly coffee hours and an annual picnic and various other opportunities for members and friends to gather over food for the pleasure of being together.

The Mutual Ministry Committee oversees personnel matters in the church, including reconciling differences, should they arise, between church personnel and members of the congregation.

The Property Committee manages the church’s three properties, providing maintenance and contracting for services for improvements to the properties.

The Social Ministry and Evangelism Committee directs the members of the church in ministries in the community at large and the wider church.  The work of evangelism is understood as ministry by which the congregation extends its services and care to others.

The Stewardship Committee plans and conducts campaigns to encourage members to give of themselves for the work of the church.

The Strategic Marketing Committee is an ongoing initiative to find ways to interpret the congregation’s ministry and life to members and to those who are not members.

The Worship and Music Committee works with the pastor and church musicians to create vital worship experiences in which the Lutheran tradition is expressed in various genres of music and liturgy.

The Youth Committee oversees and coordinates programs for youth in the congregation.